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Stage with projection screen Stage with projection screen

Case Study

Wireline Advantage Delivers

Wireline Advantage Delivers

Aesthetics are key to the educational experience at the College of the Holy Cross. When Paul Rayne, the audiovisual services manager at the College saw the Wireline Advantage® at InfoComm, he knew it was time to update one of the event spaces on campus.

A library used for lectures, worship and other events has an extremely high ceiling of about 25 feet. To accommodate the AV needs in the room, the projection screen required a significant amount of black drop. About 15 feet according to Rayne. “When you have a need for that much black drop, you can’t tension the screen, or it wouldn’t fit in the case. Without tensioning, over time, the edges will begin to curl in, and there aren’t a lot of options.” The room in the library was equipped with a Da-Lite Boardroom Electrol from the 1980s. “The product was fine, but that much black drop is an eye sore when the screen is deployed. It can actually detract or become a distraction during events.”

Rayne shared that all technology decisions for the College are made in-house, and that he became aware of the Wireline when he saw it demonstrated at InfoComm. “Once I saw the Wireline, I knew we needed it in the library, and people love the screen. It greatly improves on the aesthetic in the space.” Because the Wireline uses up to 29 feet of cable instead of black drop, The College of the Holy Cross was able to also upgrade their surface to a tensioned 16K-ready HD Progressive surface to match the projection technology today and in the future. “The Boardroom Electrol was in the room for decades, so it was important to make sure we invested in the surface. We know it will live in the room a long time, and want to future-proof the investment.”

Large room with Wireline screen in the middle.

The installation was fairly simple according to Paul. The screen arrived the afternoon of the install, and went into place easily with the sliding mounting brackets, and setting the limits was as expected. “We had such a good experience with the screen, and the aesthetic was such, that we decided to order a second Wireline for our Ballroom on campus. We technically didn’t need that much drop, but eliminating the black drop modernized the space nicely. It’s great. People either love the screen or don’t notice it, which is the next best thing.”

HD Progressive 0.6 was chosen for both screens to enhance contrast because of the ambient light environment. “We chose the 0.6 because we have floor to ceiling windows in both rooms. It provides outstanding contrast, and in the ballroom we were able to achieve the look of a rear projection system without tearing down a wall and without a permanent screen in the room.” Because the Wireline is a ceiling recessed electric screen, when the screen isn’t in use it can be up and out of the way. “Wireline was a winning combination, and the best of both worlds relating to form and function,” concluded Rayne.