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Lectern Microphone with Shock Mount

Accessory Series Item

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The Lectern Microphone has an electret-type element which offers miniature size and super sensitivity. Its unidirectional pickup pattern and uniform response minimizes acoustic feedback and off-axis coloration.

The built-in preamp and custom circuitry design control the low frequency roll off and contours the mid and high frequencies to give a clear, natural voice reproduction. The mic requires phantom power; 9 to 52 volts DC.

While the gooseneck is slim, its rugged construction will hold the microphone at any position. The hard black chrome finish won't scratch or wear and the equipment end of the gooseneck is terminated with a male XLR connector which plugs directly into the mic input jack.

The miniature windscreen controls wind noise and breath "pop" when talking close to the microphone. The stiffener improves the aesthetic appearance and aids in positioning the microphone when used with a lectern.

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Lectern Microphone with Shock Mount

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Key Features

  • Extra-sensitive electret microphone element
  • Unidirectional (cardioid) pick-up pattern for more gain before feedback
  • Built-in electronic circuitry custom-contoured for nat­ural voice reproduction
  • Slim, flexible 19" gooseneck
  • Non-glare satin black finish
  • Miniature slip-on windscreen prevents breath 'pop'
  • Professional-quality male XLR connector


Mic element type: Electret condenser (requires phantom power) 

Polar pattern: Unidirectional, cardioid 

Frequency response: 50 -18,000 Hz 

Output level @ 1OOOHz: -70 +/-3dB (0.32mV) (OdB = 1volt/microbar) 

Front-to-back ratio: 20dB 

Output impedance: 600 ohms (balanced) 

Operating voltage: 9 to 52 volts DC phantom 

Current drain: 2.0ma typical 

Maximum SPL: 130dB (1 % THD, open circuit) 

Signal-to-noise ratio: Greater than 40dB @ 1 microbar 

Connector: MaleXLR 

Windscreen: Black urethane foam 

Dimensions: 24" long (610 mm), 1/2" diameter (13mm)

Weight: 6.5 oz (0.18kg)