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The REAL Remedies for ‘Pandemic Funk’

Posted on 12/17/2020 6:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

We totally get it – we are human, we like our routines, but seriously, how many more days can we sit at home around the kitchen table with our newly named ‘co-workers’ who could be spouses, kids or pets? How many more virtual happy hours can we sit through? How many more times do we have to say, ‘I think you’re on mute, Sharon?’ Most of us are in some version of a pandemic funk, but there ARE ways to at least-temporarily- get some relief. We (virtually) asked some folks around Legrand | AV how they get out of it – here is what they said… 

The funk is real! Personally, I get out of it by consuming my local (Dayton, OH) favorite beverage known as the BAD JUAN margarita on fairly regular basis. Fortunately, it’s bottled and sold in stores, so I’m always stocked up!  From a work standpoint, every morning starts with a trip to Starbucks for a Vanilla Latte.  This is my daily kickstart – I literally can’t function without it.   And as you can see, my pandemic funk relief is all about the beverages and obviously involves way too many calories. 

-Holly, CX Project Manager, Multi-Brand 

Personally, working out on a regular basis (especially after I just ate my weight in apple pie over Thanksgiving) and professionally, turning my camera on during meetings helps me to feel connected to my co-workers as well as motivates me to keep a daily routine of getting myself ready for the day.   

-Barb, HR Operations Lead, Multi-Brand 

It does get to feel like Groundhog Day if the movie was set during a pandemic…same routine over and over without the ability to change things up or connect with people the way we would like.  At home we try to sample new restaurants for takeout as much as possible, which gives us a bit a variety and helps out local businesses (bonus points for ordering Italian cuisine then watching a related travel show as a family!).  On the work front the best thing we have done is share some interesting webinars across the team and then set some time to discuss online together…super useful to explore new ideas and connect with people outside of the day to day grind. 

-Nathan, VP/GM: AV Infrastructure Products 

I get out of the pandemic funk by going for a run every morning; thank goodness it doesn’t snow in San Diego! As far as work, I find that communicating via memes makes meetings so much more entertaining; know what I meme?

-Michelle, National Solutions Manager-Digital Signage-Manufacturer Partner


My wife and I watch The Great British Bakeoff after dinner to take our minds off of the pandemic and work. I haven’t attempted to bake anything from the show though. Also, Rahul is the best there is, in my mind! As far as work, I downloaded the Calm app and I try to take 30 minutes out of my day to meditate and step away from my desk.  

-Pat, Product Marketing Manager, Middle Atlantic 

The key for me is immersing myself in a project for someone else. During COVID I've made a tribute video, published a friend's book, and done some marketing for another friend's consulting business. Once I get in "the flow" the time passes in a flash and I feel awesome!  

Workwise, I meet with my team every morning for a quickish check in. It's like having one big water cooler chat where we can connect, share, and rant (!) about stuff that's going on in our lives - or whatever is top of mind. But really, it's our time to keep everyone in the loop about work stuff and get some quick input and help when we need it. 

-Jerilyn, Senior Manager - Learning Experience for Sales & Marketing 

To get out of the funk what I do is work out EVERY DAY over lunch. It breaks up the day, keeps my head clear and makes me feel great! From a work perspective, I have started connecting with someone from my network once a week. The goal being to catch up, learn what is new, be of support if I can, and maybe learn something that I can incorporate at Legrand.  

-Eric, Sr. Manager-Marketing Technology and Analytics 

The pandemic can certainly take its toll.  Getting outside whether out on the boat or taking our dog out for a walk has certainly helped me to decompress.  Scheduling virtual social meetings with my team has allowed us to stay connected on a personal level and has been of great value to keep team spirits high... We are all in this together! 

 - Ryan, Director of Product Marketing, Sanus & On-Q 

I get out of the pandemic funk by having a virtual board game night with friends on Wednesdays. As far as work, I make sure to get up and go outside with my dog a few times during the day. 

-Kyle, UX/UI/CX Designer, Multi-Brand 

When I want to get out of the funk I put on my mask and go to a giant wholesale store which shall remain unnamed. Within 5 minutes of entering the store, I appreciate the isolation aspect of the pandemic. I think, “What have I done? I gotta get out of here ASAP and get back home to my husband and kids…and never leave again.” I guess you could say it makes me appreciate the situation-at least a little. Usually within a couple weeks I forget and go back. It’s a vicious cycle. Professionally speaking, I’ve been remote for more than a decade. I worked through talking to squirrels and taking a lunch break several years ago. I should probably walk the dog, but that requires going outside and possibly breaking a sweat - no thanks. 

-Kim, Content Specialist