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Branding Resources & FAQs

United by Purpose

Have you heard the news? Our logos are changing and – yes – we believe this is a good thing. Solving challenges is the founding principle of each of our brands. We still live that heritage today with the innovative products we develop. As we look toward the future, our focus is on bringing our brands together to provide expanded offerings and complete solutions; to impact how the world connects in ways we never could before as separate businesses. We’re excited about where our brands can go together, and we hope you are, too.

New Logo Files Available!

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What’s Changing? And What’s Not? 

  • Why are the logos changing? 

  • This logo evolution is a reflection of the efforts of our teams who are developing solutions that bring the best of our brands together. Our family of brands is one of our strengths and allows us to offer broad portfolios for our retail partners and comprehensive solutions for our integrator partners – not just individual products. We will never stop working to solve your pain points at the product level, but we want to take it further.

  • Are the brands going away?  

  • No. The brands you know and love are not going away – they’re actually coming closer together! Our products and cultures remain the same, and our focus on customer experience is stronger than ever.  

  • If I receive a shipment of product with a mix of both the old and new logos, will there be any difference between the products?  

  • No. As we transition the logos across our organization you may receive shipments of a single SKU with a mix of old and new logos on the product packaging and/or badging. In such instances, the logo will be the only difference. Product part numbers and bar codes will not be changing. 

  • If I receive cartons with different branding on the outside, does that mean the product itself has changed? 

  • If you receive a carton with updated branding on the outside of the box, the product inside will still be the same as it was previously. The only change would be logos on labels, instructions or the product itself. Product part numbers and bar codes are not changing. 

  • Will this change from whom I receive invoices? 

  • No. The new logos will not cause any changes to our invoicing processes, or who you receive them from. No vendor updates necessary!

  • What changes are required on my end? 

  • We would greatly appreciate if your teams could take the time to update C2G, Chief, Da-Lite, Luxul, Middle Atlantic, Nuvo, On-Q, Projecta, SANUS and Vaddio brand logos wherever they might appear on your website and other promotional materials. The files are available in multiple formats in the below link:

If you have other questions not addressed here, feel free to contact us at 1-866-977-3901 or email