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Classroom with Idea Screen. Classroom with Idea Screen

Case Study

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Saint Louis University Relies on IDEA™ Screens to Enhance Classrooms

Education, and the acquisition of knowledge is essential to our culture and future progress. Saint Louis University teamed up with the International Trusts Organization (INTO) in order to recruit international students for an English as a second language program. INTO promotes best conservation practices and establishes trusts where they do not exist while advocating for the preservation of diverse heritages.

They had space for the program, but it required a renovation to ensure enough space and the proper facility and environment for learning. One of the goals was to have a lot of space for writing on whiteboards. But the faculty didn’t want to lose the whiteboard space when they needed to project. Previously they would drop the screen down in front of the whiteboards, but they were adamant that wouldn’t work. At InfoComm, the SLU team saw a solution that was a projection screen that could be used with dry erase markers.


“IDEA was the only solution that did both well,” said Craig Williams, Manager of Multimedia Services. “During the renovation we decided maybe this would be the time to implement the solution on this campus.”

Saint Louis University worked with their preferred integrator, TSI Global, to ensure that everything would run smoothly and create the best user experience possible for the faculty and students. Each classroom seats 20-25 students and the IDEA Screen spans across the entire room.

“The classrooms are up and operational, and everyone loves the screens,” Williams said. “We even decided to put them in the Team Film Viewing classroom for the sports teams. The coaches love them because they can project on them and circle plays and review game footage.”

Saint Louis University is currently looking to put IDEA Screens in their mathematics areas as well because the instructors need as much writing space as possible.

“Overall, the partnership with Da-Lite has been great,” Williams said. “We’ve been using Da-Lite for at least 10 years. They have great products as well as unique solutions to really enhance an environment.”

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