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Discover more about the AV industry, our business, our partners and what else we have been up to.

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Laptop with hands at the keyboard. On the screen is a teacher at another location.

How to Go the Distance with Distance Learning

Distance learning has changed a lot over the years. Discover what today’s distance learning rooms need to succeed.

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Basic pattern illustration with RTMP vs RTSP in print

Is RTMP vs. RTSP a real rivalry?

In many ways RTMP and RTSP have arrived in the same place.

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Planning for Future ADA Compliance in the Classroom

Classroom design is changing rapidly, boasting a bevy of AV opportunities. Are you prepared?

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Picture of a lecture hall with instructor at whiteboard and students taking notes.

Lecture Halls Require Big AV Solutions

Make lecture halls more engaging with today’s AV technology.

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Illustration showing knee and toe clearance requirements for ADA guidelines.

Comfort Space Comes Before Component Space

Learn about ADA guidelines for knee and toe clearance and how it affects AV design.

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An active learning space that emphasizes small group discussion and activities

How Collaborative Classrooms Are Designed

Collaborative classrooms need adaptable technology and furniture to adjust to the needs of any given day. Find out how.

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