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Large Venue Vibration Isolating Coupler, White


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The CMA Large Venue Vibration Isolating Coupler reduces image movement caused by common building vibrations like HVAC, foot traffic, road traffic and doors shutting. The patented design works as a projector mount vibration isolator by connecting two Chief CMS columns (1.5” NPT) and limiting vibrations that are transmitted to the lower column. The higher weight capacity accommodates systems weighing 35-100 lbs (15.9 – 45.4 kg).

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Large Venue Vibration Isolating Coupler, White

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Key Features

  • Compatible for systems* between 35 – 100lbs (15.9 – 45.4 kg)
    • Systems include all weight below the vibration isolator, including column, projector mount and projector
    • Average weights of common mounts include: RPAU (4 lbs or 1.8 kg), RPMAU (5 lbs or 2.3 kg), and VCMU (33 lbs or 15 kg).
    • Average weight of CMS columns under 12” in length are 1 lb (0.5 kg) or less.
  • Compatible with Chief CMS columns (1.5” NPT)
  • Connects two extension columns; patented design isolates vibration transmitted to lower column to reduce image movement