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Vaddio Deployment Tool

Vaddio Deployment Tool

Installations just got a whole lot easier, faster and more profitable! Conveniently set up and manage your devices from one place. Download the free Vaddio Deployment Tool now available for Windows or macOS.

Key Features:

Device discovery, simple status monitoring and control

Mass login, password reset, and firmware updates

Backup of device configuration data

Export critical system information to Excel

Easy troubleshooting


Vaddio Deployment Tool

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Key Features

Simplify installations

Simplify installations by viewing all your compatible Vaddio products across a deployment on one screen with the simple click of a button. The Vaddio Deployment Tool enables you to select devices from the network, choose an action like reboot the device, unmute the audio, or update firmware and voilà! – remote troubleshooting success. You can even conduct mass firmware updates on hundreds of devices all at once, which saves you a lot of time.

It’s free – really

No licenses, no invoices, no maintenance fees. The Vaddio Deployment tool is for our valued integration partners and AV managers who rely on Vaddio products to keep their AV installations running smoothly.


Connect one Vaddio camera or hundreds of Vaddio devices with the Vaddio Deployment Tool. It’s perfect for repeat installations or multiple deployment sites across campus.

Secure and offline-capable

The Vaddio Deployment Tool requires authentication from each connected device and is an installed application. The application does not collect or transmit audio, video, or shared content, so meeting and business data remains private and secure. You can download firmware and install new equipment on sites without needing internet access. Vaddio does not harvest any data or benefit from giving away this tool other than making your experience better.

Status monitoring and control

The tool automatically highlights device status and offers in-depth device info so you can resolve problems quickly.

Easy firmware updates

Stop keeping track of firmware updates and IP addresses. The Deployment Tool makes batch updating simple. You can even conduct mass firmware updates with hundreds of devices – all at one time. This saves many hours, especially if you’re updating a large installation.

Updated often, feedback encouraged

The application tells you when there's an update to ensure you have the best tool possible based on aggregated feedback from your peers. Because the Vaddio Deployment Tool was developed to make our AV integrators’ and AV managers’ lives easier, we made it incredibly easy to submit your feedback directly to the Vaddio team within the app.

The following Vaddio products are currently supported by Vaddio Deployment Tool. This list is updated often, please contact technical support if you have questions on a specific model.

  • AV Bridge 2x1
  • AV Bridge MatrixMIX
  • AV Bridge MATRIX PRO
  • AV Bridge Mini
  • ConferenceSHOT 10
  • ConferenceSHOT AV
  • ConferenceSHOT FX
  • DocCAM 20 HDBT
  • EasyIP 10
  • EasyIP 20
  • EasyIP Decoder
  • EasyIP Mixer
  • HuddleSHOT
  • OneLINK Bridge
  • PCC MatrixMIX
  • PCC Premier
  • PrimeSHOT 20 HDMI
  • RoboFLIP 30 HDBT
  • RoboSHOT 12E HDBT
  • RoboSHOT 30E HDBT
  • RoboSHOT 12E AVBMP
  • RoboSHOT 30E AVBMP
  • RoboSHOT 12E SDI
  • RoboSHOT 30E SDI
  • RoboSHOT 12E HDMI
  • RoboSHOT 30E HDMI
  • RoboSHOT 12E USB
  • RoboSHOT 30E USB
  • RoboSHOT 12E NDI
  • RoboSHOT 30E NDI
  • RoboSHOT 20 UHD
  • RoboSHOT 40 UHD
  • RoboSHOT HDBT (legacy models)
  • RoboSHOT HDMI (legacy models)
  • RoboSHOT HD-SDI (legacy models)
  • RoboSHOT USB (legacy models)
  • RoboSHOT AVBMP (legacy models)
  • RoboSHOT IW
  • RoboTRAK