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Middle Atlantic Products offers furniture in a variety of materials and colors to meet the demands for design flexibility, durability & price. It’s a common misconception that all laminate products are the same; however, this is not the case. So what’s the difference? Is one better than the other? As with all the solutions from Middle Atlantic, the right product is the one designed for the application. Explore the differences below to determine the best fit for your project.



Veneer is a decorative covering using real wood skin that is glued to a substrate, and then finished with stain and clear-coat. Veneer is considered the closest thing to using solid wood products, at a lower price-point than solid wood.

Given the vast range of wood species available, the various methods for laminating and the possibilities for stain colors, the visual possibilities are almost endless. However, since the surface is real wood, the overall durability of a wood veneer surface is considered lower than other laminates.

Veneer is a great choice when considering more sophisticated environments, such as formal boardrooms, customer-facing meeting rooms, and anywhere that a more polished look is required.

Don't see the color you need or need to match an existing finish? Contact us and we can provide custom color matching.


  • The premium material choice with authentic wood surface.
  • Lead time for Veneer wood kits is typically 12 weeks.
  • Available for Moderno, Sota and Klasik style products.
  • Available for C5 Series Credenzas & L5 Series Lecterns and T5 Series Conference Tables.


High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

HPL is the most commonly used laminate. It is comprised of multiple layers of resin-treated paper fused together during manufacturing. HPLs are adhered to a substrate and have a dimensional behavior similar to wood, meaning it will expand and contract with humidity.

They are recommended for any application in which durability and impact resistance are concerns, may be used for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, and have a low initial cost and a long lifespan.

HPL is also available in a spectrum of finishes. All of the HPL colors available from Middle Atlantic Products are from the design portfolio of leading HPL manufacturers like Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar & Chemetal. Contact us if you project requires a different color or manufacturer than listed below.


  • Maximum durability.
  • Lead time for HPL wood kits is typically 6 weeks.
  • Available for Moderno and Sota style products.
  • Available for C3 Series Credenza, C5 Series Credenzas, L5 Series Lecterns, L7 Series Lecterns, Hub Series Huddle Tables, T5 Series Conference Tables, MultiDesk Video Series Workstations & FlexView Series IFP Cart.


Thermolaminate (TLAM)

Thermolaminate is applied using a combination of glue, heat and pressure to a wood substrate. It provides a cost-effective, durable surface that can adapt to a variety of shapes, making it quite versatile in allowing for smooth contours and transitions. These laminates are available in a growing number of finish styles and colors.

Middle Atlantic will be discontinuing our Thermolaminate (TLAM) material used on our C5 Credenzas, L5 Lecterns and HUB Table Systems by the end of 2021. Click here to view alternative options for these finishes.


  • The fastest lead time of our materials options with wood kits typically shipping in 3 weeks.
  • Available for Moderno, Sota and Klasik style products.
  • Available for C5 Series Credenzas, L5 Series Lecterns, Hub Series Huddle Tables, ViewPoint Series Command & Control Consoles, Edit Center Workstations, LD Series Monitoring and Command Desks, FlexView Series Display Carts/Stands.



Value-priced material with maximum durability. The fastest lead-time with mobile furniture racks & complete, all-in-one lecterns that ship from stock. Available for L2 Series Lecterns, MFR Series and RFR Series.