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Legrand PDU

Network Metered and Network Switched PDUs

Legrand PDU

The ZeroRU (Vertical) and Rackmount (Horizontal) Legrand PDUs are designed with innovative features that ensure the most reliable power infrastructure for your systems and are built on the  Xerus Technology Platform from Raritan.


Expand Your Power Offering

The Legrand PDUs are designed to support some of the most demanding AV and IT applications. Features include 120V and 208V options, high outlet density, IEC and NEMA receptacle options and they are all TAA Compliant.


Locking Outlets on C13 and C19 Receptacles

The locking outlet feature comes standard on many C13 and C19 configurations, which eliminate the need to purchase a separate locking power cord. The power cords are locked when inserted and are not removable until the orange button is depressed next to the outlet. Locking outlets accept all standard and locking power cords.

Legrand PDUs are designed with innovative features and robust fail-safes that ensure the most reliable power infrastructure possible, both now and for years to come.

Network Metered PDU

Network Metered PDUs come in two application types: Horizontal Rackmount and ZeroU, which both meter power at the PDU inlet-level. Network Metered PDUs display the inlet power data both locally and over a network. They also allow for sensors to be connected and monitored through the PDU interface.

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Network Switched PDU

Network Switched PDUs offer the same features as Network Metered PDUs, but also enable authorized users to securely power-cycle outlets remotely. Network Switched PDUs minimize inrush currents through power sequencing, prevent unauthorized devices, power off devices that are not in use to conserve energy, and reboot devices to quickly restore services.

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