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PoE-Self-Healing Luxul PoE Self-Healing

PoE Self-Healing

PoE Self-Healing


There’s a new feature available for select Luxul switches, and upgrading could mean fewer truck rolls for you and added convenience for your clients. Available with firmware version 4.1.1 or greater, Self-Healing upgrades your switches with two new features: Auto-Recovery (Auto-Check) and Power Scheduling.


Enable your switch to reboot PoE-connected devices when they fall offline or go unresponsive. You’ll never get another call about security cameras freezing up—your clients’ switches will take care of them automatically.


Trigger switches to power PoE-connected devices on or off, based on whatever schedule you create. Easily schedule devices to power down overnight, over the weekend, or whenever your clients request.


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Self-Healing FAQs

Q: What is the 4-1-1?

ANSWER: 4-1-1 is a campaign that refers to the switch firmware release 4.1.1 which is the initial and minimum switch firmware required for the self-healing feature. Self-healing is only available on select switches.


Q: What types of devices can I have the PoE auto-check monitor?

ANSWER: Any PoE-enabled device with an IP address, including:

  1. access points
  2. IP cameras
  3. automation control panels
  4. AV over IP distribution systems
  5. VoIP phones


Q: Why would I want to use PoE auto-check?

ANSWER: To ensure PoE devices--like access points, control panels, AV over IP systems--are online and can communicate with the switch.


Q: How often should I auto-check each device?

ANSWER: The default is once every 30 seconds, which should be sufficient for most devices, but the timing can be customized to your specific application.


Q: Is it recommended to restart the PoE device after a single auto-check failure?

ANSWER: No. Occasionally a PoE device might not respond to the switch auto-check in time or the response might be lost; however, it’s recommended to have at least three continuous failures before restarting the PoE device to avoid any false positives.


Q: Why is my PoE device constantly being restarted?

ANSWER: Typically, this happens because the IP address configured for auto-checking and the PoE device are not the same.


Q: What if I have lots of auto-check failures but very few or no restarts?

ANSWER: Verify the auto-check failure action is set to restart and Ethernet cable and connections are good. If problems persist, you may want to contact Luxul support.


Q: What are some good uses for scheduling?

ANSWER: Schedule to turn off your Wi-Fi at bedtime and back on again as you get up in the morning.

Turn off any non-essential PoE devices (access points, control panels, AV over IP) while you’re on vacation.

Schedule PoE devices on/off in conference rooms, restaurants, auditoriums, or huddle spaces.


Q: Are there other settings in the switch that need to be configured for scheduling to work properly?

ANSWER: Yes! You need to configure your system time and IP settings so the switch can reach the internet.