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Sightline Banner - A Unique Cable-Drop System Sightline Banner - A Unique Cable-Drop System


A Unique Cable-Drop System

Don't Let Your Projector Screen Block Your Room

Did you know that the black border above your projection screen is called a black-drop? No? Well it’s not important anyway, as the DescenderPro with SightLine cable-drop removes that black-drop entirely. The new SightLine option features a cable-drop system that makes the projection screen virtually float in your room when in use and completely disappears when not in use.

This makes SightLine ideal for today’s hybrid applications where office room environments are not solely dedicated to one single presentation, meeting room or videoconferencing application.
Traditional black-drop image12

Helping You Keep Your SightLines

The DescenderPro with SightLine replaces the standard black border above the projection area with 3 or 4 thin cables that can be extended up to 180 cm on-site. Now your view above the projection screens projection area is no longer blocked and gives the impression of a large floating image. Drop the projection screen to the height you need while preserving the look of the room when unrolled, the way the architect intended.

And, as the DescenderPro is a ceiling recessed projection screen, when rolled in the entire projection screen becomes invisible. This unique cable-drop system makes SightLine a perfect solution for any room with great architecture or high ceilings.


image10 image11

Simplified and Future-Proof Room Planning

The wire-system of SightLine allows any installer to position the screen in the perfect position using any length of the 180 cm cable-drop making planning an installation much easier. Traditionally a black-drop is used to position the projection screen in the ideal viewing height when the screen is ceiling mounted and often requires a custom top border.

The new SightLine system removes the need of calculating the black-drop before installation, or adjusting the position on-site. Now you can use the limit-settings to position the projection screen in the ideal ergonomic viewing height, so the audience can comfortably watch the projected content. Should any future projector require a different viewing height, SightLine easily accommodates a quick change to the position of the projection area.

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DescenderPro with SightLine

SightLine is available with the Tensioned DescenderPro and the DescenderPro. The DescenderPro is a ceiling recessed-projection screen that combines innovative installation features with high-resolution HD Progressive materials.


  • The projection surface will unroll from the front of the case when SightLine is implemented, with the motor on the right
  • Depending on the width of the projection screen the surface drops down on 3 or 4 cables
  • SightLine cable-drop system can be lowered up to 180 cm
  • 5 year warranty on the projection screen and motor
  • No screws visible for a clean (aesthetic) installation
  • Available with 16K ready HD Progressive for high resolution projection
  • Available in a tab-tensioned (HD Progressive) and a non-tensioned version
  • Roller with motor and screen surface can be easily ‘clicked’ in-place and will remain accessible for servicing after installation
  • Available up to a width of 400 cm

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