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ViewPoint™ Series Command & Control Console Systems

ViewPoint™ Series Command & Control Console Systems

Serious technical furniture for serious mission critical installations.

ViewPoint is a fully customizable modular console system, available in fixed or height adjustable, to support any and all design layouts providing reliability, flexibility and proper ergonomics.

ViewPoint is the ideal console solution for security and monitoring, command and control, network operating centers and front of house controls.


It all starts with the frame.

The steel bays are fully welded for robust seismically rated construction. Available in 6”, 12”, 24”, 36”, 48” and 72” widths with various


built-in cable management from equipment bays to user locations whether fixed height or height adjustable.

              Wires         Desk-Wires

Worksurfaces are engineered to your specific design needs and are made with durable Thermolaminate (TLAM) material.


To sit or to stand? That’s the question.

ViewPoint gives you both options with a fixed height or electric height adjustable version. Connect them together to have both.



The Most Popular ViewPoint's

Not interested in creating something custom? No problem, here are the most popular ViewPoint configurations. Pick a configuration, choose your desired TLAM finish and send it into the Design Center Team.



72" Single Operator, 18" Work Surface

View Layouts



72" Single Operator, 34" Desktop

View Layouts




96" Dual Operator, 34" Desktop

View Layouts



120" Dual Operator, 18" Work Surface, with Storage Cabinet

View Layouts




Do you have an upcoming project?

Contact our expert Design Center Team for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out if ViewPoint is the right solution for your project. Our team will work with you on room layouts and console designs and then deliver a quote, bill of materials and visual layout for your project.


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