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Every AV Pro Needs This!

Posted on 12/27/2020 6:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

 Every AV professional should know how systems work at a granular level. Excellence is found in the details, but sometimes all those details are hard to remember. If you’re prepping for AVIXA CTS certification then you already know the core of certification and professional success is found in the science and math of AV system design. 

We’ve made life easier for every AV industry worker by bringing together all those details into one high-resolution, colorful and interesting resource. Our downloadable “cheat sheet” contains everything you need to make it through those big projects and challenging hurdles.

And just wait until you see how much it helps in your pursuit of the most challenging industry certifications! 

You’d think a resource like this would cost a bundle.

In a 2017 LinkedIn article, author Alexandre Prévert shared these thoughts;

“In our current society focused on markets and money, the idea of something free can be frightening. We could have the feeling that if we don’t have to pay for it, it doesn’t have a value. The act of paying reassures us. 

Perhaps the opposite is true – by trying to monetize everything, we’re forgetting that some things have no price.” 

At Legrand AV we’re driven by doing the right thing for the right reasons. While there isn’t a successful company on Earth that ignores profitability, it’s true that one attribute all great organizations have in common is a focus on learning and skills development. We take industry learning seriously. 

Legrand has invested heavily in CTS certification prep classes, industry training and thought leadership sessions, both internally and externally. From our advanced AV Masterclass to product application courses, we know that knowledge is priceless. Just in time for a new year, we’d like to share with you Legrand’s latest investment in AV knowledge.

The AV Pro Cheat Sheet is a collection of all the formulas, facts and figures any CTS candidate needs to memorize to prepare for the certification exam. This infographic is a perfect way to have all those details for designing any AV project at your fingertips, or on the shop wall. Maybe it has just the right shade of “geekiness” to fit in with your office decor? 

Here's a sneak peek.


We’ve formatted this infographic as a high resolution PDF or PNG so it can be printed as a standard 24” by 36” poster, counter mat or desk blotter. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, and this is an investment that starts with a great price. It’s FREE! 

Get your copy here as a pdf or a png. It’s the best deal you’ll get this year! 

Looking for CTS RUs? We also got you covered with AV University. Get all the RUs you need in one spot and on your own schedule – for FREE!