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TiLED Solutions Services Is Your New AV Pal

Posted on 3/30/2021 7:00:00 PM by Legrand AV Team

Early adoption of direct view LED has integrators seeing the benefits and challenges in this new field of digital signage. As a new, expensive technology, integrators might not want to be the first ones in the market.

For good reason – each display manufacturer uses different mounting panels and connecting mechanisms, so the learning curve is steep every time you move to a different type of display. On top of that, delicate panels need to be precisely aligned without forcing them and causing damage.

We’ve been helping install direct view LED walls and working with manufacturers of the most common displays. Chief’s TiLEDtm LED Video Wall Mounting System has custom options and modularity to allow for creative configurations across a bunch of manufacturers.

This off-the-shelf option is ready to ship with no custom lead time or project registration. The design includes the X-Y-Z axis adjustments you need for a perfectly flat video wall even on uneven walls.

airport digital signage

Legrand | AV's TiLED Solution Services is here to help.

We didn’t stop there! Yes, we stand behind TiLED’s ease of installation, but for integrators still hesitant about moving into direct view LED, the digital signage team has launched the TiLED Solution Services. This is our response to integrators concerned about selecting displays, securing skilled labor, and risk mitigation.

“The dealers we’ve worked with so far are excited to have a way to get all the infrastructure products from one place, including service,” said Patrick May, National Solutions Manager. “This is giving customers the vehicle to bring their ideas to life, something that’s more real to them.”

The Legrand | AV installation team provides varying levels of service depending on what customers determine they need. The three levels are as follows:

  1. Assisted Services is there for you when you just need some advice or guidance. The tech support team is just a click away. You’ll also find online access to spec and configuration tools like the TiLED LED Video Wall Configurator.
  2. Expanded Services is our answer to supercharging your LED game. You get personalized design consultation with our sales, product management and engineering professionals who’ve been through it all and are ready to share their experience.
  3. Amplified Services is our most involved level of help. You’ll get start-to-finish consultation of your project including customized design, engineered solutions and labor assistance from your nearest major city.

Retail location with LED wall

“This service puts a new focus on direct view LED where integrators may have been intimidated by it to begin with,” said Collin Boggs, National Solutions Manager. “Now it’s something they can package to the customer and include subject matter experts.”

We’re excited to see where direct view LED goes in the next few years. We’re working with manufacturers to create solutions that make it easy to specify, order and install. To learn more, reach out to our TiLED Solutions Services.