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Q: When will and be going away?

ANSWER: Both Luxul and Middle Atlantic website visitors have now moved to


Q: Why are the Luxul and Middle Atlantic brand sites going away?

ANSWER: At Legrand | AV, we are working toward giving customers the ability to view and order all our products in a single place. With a consolidated platform, we’ll be able to build solution-based tools and content to further simplify the specification and purchasing processes for all Legrand | AV products.


Q: Is there anything I need to do before the brand sites go away?

ANSWER: There are a few things that will help to make the transition easier:

  1. We encourage you to start exploring if you have not already done so. We believe you’ll quickly see the advantages – faster ordering, pricing information, more powerful search tools, and complete information about Legrand | AV products – all at your fingertips.

  2. Ensure you have a Login for More direction is provided in the next couple questions.

  3. If you are a current user of the Middle Atlantic Rack & Furniture Design Tool, we do need you to finalize any draft projects you have before the transition. More details are provided below.


Q: If I am not currently set up as a Legrand | AV customer, how do I become one?

ANSWER:If you are not currently set up with Legrand | AV as a customer, you can visit this page on and complete the form: Become a Partner 


Q: If I do not have a login, how do I get one?

ANSWER: If you have a login for, you will use the same email and password on If you are a Legrand | AV customer, but do not have a login, you can visit this page on and complete the form: User Registration


Q: Will my bookmarked pages be redirected to the new site?

ANSWER: Yes, any of your bookmarked pages should automatically take you to the corresponding page on If you happen to find a page that does not redirect after the move to, please contact us at


Q: What brands will be added to in the future?

ANSWER: We will be working to add C2G and Wiremold products to the site in 2021. Some C2G products are available to view on right now under the Vaddio brand in the Cables & Connectivity category.

For C2G and Wiremold products that are not yet available on, you can still order them on our site. If you do have the ability to order C2G and/or Wiremold products from Legrand | AV, you can sign into your account and click on the cart in the upper right. Then you can enter the product code right in the cart, click “add,” and it should be added. If you have any issues with this, please contact our customer care team through the Live Chat feature on


Q: Will any other sites be moved to

ANSWER: Currently there are no plans to move other brand sites into


Q: Will this transition have any impact on my current orders?

ANSWER: No, the site transition will have no impact on any customer orders.


Q: How can I view details on my Luxul and Middle Atlantic orders on

ANSWER: All Middle Atlantic and Luxul orders can be accessed in your order history on Simply sign in with your email and password and visit the orders section of My Account.


Q: How do I contact customer care and support for Middle Atlantic and Luxul products?

ANSWER: The best way to connect with us is through the Live Chat feature on For any other contact information, you can visit the Contact Us page. No changes have been made to phone numbers or support email addresses for either brand.


Q: If I have any questions or concerns about the transition that are not addressed in the FAQs, who should I contact?

ANSWER:We welcome your thoughts, questions and feedback! You can email at any time regarding the site transitions or anything else, and your email will be routed appropriately. Questions


Q: Can I still place an order on until the site moves to

ANSWER: As of 11/30/20, you will no longer be able to purchase products on the Luxul store. However, as a Legrand | AV customer you can place orders on today. Simply log in to your account, browse or search for Luxul products and add to your cart.

If you are a Legrand | AV customer, but do not have a login, you can visit this page on and complete the form: User Registration


Q: Will the Luxul Personal Use Program (PUP) still be offered?

ANSWER: Yes, the Luxul PUP will still be offered. For more information on this program, please reach out to


Q: Will the Luxul Customer Assurance Program (CAP) still be offered?

ANSWER: Yes, the Luxul CAP will still be offered. Visit this page on to learn more about this free network design service and to register your project: Luxul Customer Assurance Program 


Q: Will the Luxul Dealer Portal still be available?

ANSWER: The assets that were once housed on the Luxul Dealer Portal will now be in various areas of the site.

Training – Many of Luxul’s educational videos have been added to Legrand University. Along with Luxul content, you can also view videos for our other products and brands. Visit Legrand University to access free training at any time.

Images – Marketing assets are now in the same online library as the other Legrand | AV brands. You can log in or register for an account here: Image Library

Product info – Product info such as Spec Sheets, Quick Install Guides, PDU Control Drivers, Switch MIBs, etc., can now be found in the “Resources” section at the bottom of each appropriate individual product page.

Brochures – The new Luxul Product guide can be found in the “Brochures” section of the site. Questions


Q: Will all the online tools available on be available on

ANSWER: The most popular tools will be accessible through at the time of the transition. These include a new and improved 3D Rack Design Tool, PDW Custom Power Configurator and a Custom Rackshelf Finder. Links to the ViewPoint Designer, and the Wiremold and LundHalsey Configurators will also be accessible.

The following tools will be added to in the months following the transition: UPS Runtime Calculator and the Thermal Calculator.

Next year, new experiences will be designed to view product inventory (currently called the Pricing & Availability tool) as well as generate real-time price lists (currently called My Price List). More information is provided on these in questions below.


Q: Why are you replacing the current Rack & Furniture Configurator?

ANSWER: We are evolving the digital experience with an enhanced Design Tool that will become the foundation to add other Legrand | AV brands at a future date. We are also working to improve many of the pain points of the old tool.


Q: How do I log in to the new Design Tool?

ANSWER: Your login for and the new Design Tool are connected. So, if you are signed into the website, you will also be signed into the tool.


Q: How will the new Design Tool be different from the current configurator?

ANSWER: One of the most exciting parts of the new Design Tool is the ability to configure Racks in 3D! We’ve also gathered a lot of feedback on the current tool and improved the overall usability, the process of configuring and have improved project management.

With the new Design Tool, there will be a slight change in finalizing a project. In the current tool, a quote is automatically generated when a user finalizes their project. In the new tool, the user will need to follow steps to initiate a quote. This will allow customers to include freight estimates for a more accurate quote.

One of the biggest changes is that technical furniture will no longer be part of the Design Tool. We’ve made the technical furniture ordering experience much easier on, and you will be able to configure those products right on the product pages within the site.


Q: Will all Racks and their compatible products be in the new tool?

ANSWER: The new Design Tool will allow users to configure the BGR at it's launch, with VWM, SNE, DWR, SR, ERK, and EWR series to follow in the weeks and months to follow.

Most of the compatible products will be available in the tool with the following exceptions:

  1. We will not be adding products that are retired, will be retired soon, or are rarely chosen in the current tool.

  2. At launch, 3rd party components will not be available to add to configurations; however, they will be available by the end of February.


Q: What will happen to my saved Projects and Designs in the current tool?

ANSWER: For any Projects that you have in Draft mode, we encourage you to finalize these in the current tool by December 14th. Any projects that are still in Draft mode after December 14th will not carry over to the new tool.

After December 14th, we will be pulling all finalized projects out of the current tool and storing the information and downloads in a database. We will then import these projects back into the new Design Tool by early February. There will be a period of approximately 1-2 months before you will be able to see these past/archived projects in the new tool. We encourage you to save any of the downloads to your computer that you may need during that time. If you do need to get downloads from any of your finalized projects after the transition, you can also contact, and they will be able to provide them to you.


Q: Can I access the Quotes generated from the current tool and new Design Tool in the My Account section of

ANSWER: Yes, for any projects you’ve finalized in the current tool, or any quotes you submit in the new tool, you can view these at any time in the “Quotes” section of your My Account menu.


Q: Will I be able to change/edit projects from the current tool in the new Design Tool?

ANSWER: No, in the new Design Tool users will be able to access high level information and downloads only.  You will not be able to edit any of these archived projects.


Q: How do I configure technical furniture products if they will no longer be in a Design Tool?

ANSWER: On, you can configure technical furniture right on the product’s webpage. For example, if you visit the C5 product page, you will be able to select the Style, Material, Wood Finish, Door Type and Vent Finish, as wells as choose options for Table Box Cutouts, Handle, Lock, Cable Grommet, Flip Side Shelf and Display Mount. Because these configurations will no longer be in the Design Tool, images on the product page will be a close representation of your selections but won’t fully represent the exact configuration.


Q: Since the Pricing & Availability tool will no longer be available, where can I find the inventory of products?

ANSWER: Each product page will show the current lead time for that product. If you need the current inventory of an item, please reach out to our customer care team through Live Chat and they will quickly be able to assist you.

Next year, we will be designing an experience where customers will be able to see the inventory and/or availability of all our AV brands and products.


Q: Since the My Price List tool will no longer be available, where can I find my price lists?

ANSWER: Once logged into, most customers will be able to see their price lists in the My Account dropdown menu. For some customers, you will need to contact to obtain your lists.

Next year, we will be designing an experience where customers will be able to generate real-time price lists for all our AV brands and products.