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Amazing AV Experiences Education Issue

eMagazine designed to help create connected experiences for K-12 and higher ed

Connecting Teachers and Students From ANYWHERE

Every classroom is different and holds unique possibilities - and challenges. As teachers and administrators continue to find ways to support in-person, online and hybrid classrooms, navigating what mix of education technology will best meet students’ needs while delivering transformative moments of knowledge sharing can be complex. From creating new technology-enhanced modes of learning to navigating how to use CARES Act, CRRSAA and ARPA stimulus funding for edtech solutions, this eMagazine from Legrand | AV was developed with real-world learning spaces in mind.

Classroom With Asynchronous Technology Funded By CARES Technology Grant

CARES ACT: Impact on Education Funding and AV

In the initial CARES Act (signed March 2020), the U.S. Department of Education authorized $30B toward an Education Stabilization Fund (ESF) to support the education ecosystem in responding to the challenges of the pandemic. Like many government programs, there are rules for specific uses, and it can be difficult to understand what exactly any of it means. Which facilities have received funds? Do these funds have to be used in a certain way? What role does AV equipment have for facilities receiving funds from the CARES Act? Continue reading as we examine what the CARES Act means for the education sector.

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Student Live Streaming Class

Connected Classroom Fundamentals: Technology-Enhanced Teaching Models

Schools are looking for a balance of in-classroom and remote learning modalities. Hybrid learning looks like it’s here to stay, with the extra flexibility and accessibility it provides. As administrators consider different ways to re-open, it’s vital to understand the three popular approaches many schools are taking to distance learning: Synchronous, Asynchronous and Hybrid solutions. Read on to find tips and techniques for connecting cameras, livestreaming equipment and other edtech to support these technology-enhanced teaching models. 

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Higher Ed Teacher Recording Lecture Using Legrand AV Equipment

K-12 Hybrid Classroom Setups for Improved Engagement

The K-12 classroom experience is expanding. Launched by necessity, the ever-present cameras and streaming solutions of remote learning continue to present challenges. Now, after a year spent adjusting to a blended virtual and in-person educational experience, it’s time to work out the technical kinks and discover a more connected classroom.

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Enhanced Higher Ed Lecture Streaming and Capture

Hybrid learning, livestreaming and lecture capture might not be new to higher education, but the scale and equipment options are more robust than they've ever been before. This, coupled with new needs for digital signage, virtual campus tours, streaming of sporting events and more, has integrators and administrators looking for innovative AV solutions that can be supported by federal stimulus funding. Find solutions to these challenges and new ways to create a connected campus by exploring our eMagazine.

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