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eBook: How to Plan a Huddle Room

What to Consider for Planning a Successful Small Meeting Space

Open floor plans, the need for private meetings, millennial employee’s expectations and video conferencing are all drivers for organizations adopting huddle spaces. In open office spaces, huddle rooms can provide an oasis for collaborating on projects.

Huddle rooms promote collaboration, enable free-flowing ideas, connect people and save corporations money while attracting top talent. If you’re planning a small meeting room, key factors such as technology, AV standards, input from IT teams and other decision makers will help maximize your return on investment.

This 33-page guide provides answers to your huddle room planning questions. What is a huddle room? Who needs a huddle room and why? What benefits do huddle rooms provide? What should I consider when I’m planning to install huddle spaces? What equipment will I need for a huddle space? How do I measure the success of a huddle space?