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Power Up with Chief

360 Overview

Protect Your Install

Simplify ordering and installation while protecting equipment with the latest powered infrastructure solutions from Chief. The exclusive line brings together Chief’s innovative storage and mounting solutions with premium, non-sacrificial surge protection and noise filtration. The end result is consolidated, one-SKU ordering and faster, power protected installation.

The Benefits of Powered Solutions

  • Patented Multi-Stage protection includes industrial-grade surge protection and EMI/RFI noise filtration.
  • Improves the reliability and functionality of equipment by safeguarding from high-energy transients, lightning strikes and electronic noise events that can cause gear degradation and downtime.
  • Features non-volatile spike protection with LED power indicator.
  • Non-current limiting design passes full power on a regular circuit; redundant protection circuits.
  • Sleek form factor with a housing made of corrosion resistant sheet metal.

Co-Developed Infrastructure Solutions

For a complete list of integrated power solutions go to the Related Products tab at the bottom of this page.


In-Wall Storage Boxes

Chief’s in-wall boxes feature breakaway edges to change the depth from 3.5” to 2.5” stud bays (89 and 64 mm), with easy knockouts to quickly customize on site. The boxes have integrated zip tie anchor points and can be mounted to studs or drywall. The included flange can be painted to match décor and is available in either a black or white finish.


Stand-Alone Wall Outlet, EGX-SF2

A 2-gang power filtering and surge protection wall outlet.



Plenum Ceiling Storage Boxes

Our ceiling storage boxes include an innovative drop-down feature that lowers the entire frame enough to slide out of the way for servicing. Available in 1x2 and 2x2 sizes – with or without a column drop – the boxes are designed to maximize column location within the tile space and have passive cooling vents to help with thermal management.


Suspended Ceiling Kits

Chief’s suspended ceiling kits provide infinite column placement within 24” (600 mm) wide ceiling tile grids. The kits include a WireVice cable suspension system for quick and easy tie-off, wood eyebolts, concrete anchors and a chrome trim ring.



Suspended Ceiling Projector System

Chief’s engineers took a new approach to suspended ceiling projector mounting and designed a complete system to cut installation time by one-third. The new SYSAU systems feature adjustable ceiling plates that can be installed above or below tile and accommodate uneven T-grids. Tool-free Microzone adjustments eliminate the need for set screws, and the adjustable 0-12” (305 mm) column includes dual inlay channels for high and low voltage cables.



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