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Proximity Storage Solutions

Dedicated to adding new capabilities to its line of storage solutions, Chief and Middle Atlantic engineering teams collaborated to incorporate patented Lever Lock technology into new storage accessories. The new solutions are now called Proximity® Storage Solutions.

Proximity Storage Solutions are ideal for standardizing the deployment of AV component configurations across large rollouts. Our installer inspired design makes it easy to install cables and AV components in close proximity to displays. 

Proximity In-Wall Storage Solutions

Chief In-Wall Storage Solutions are designed to seamlessly install AV components behind displays. Built with the installer in mind, Proximity In-Wall Storage Boxes feature ample space with multi-level, multi-sectioned Lever Lock plates, making it easier to arrange components in all three dimensions of the storage space.

In-Wall Storage

Proximity In-Wall Storage Boxes – Designed for maximum storage capability, Proximity In-Wall Storage Boxes feature multi-sectioned Lever Lock plates allowing for easy arrangement of components in all three dimensions of the storage space. Break away edges allow for easy adjustment of box depth to match 3.5” or 2.5” stud bays. Proximity In-Wall Storage Boxes (PAC525, PAC526 and PAC527L) are available in a wide variety of sizes, with flanges, covers, and power outlet configurations to match the needs of your installation. 

Proximity Lever Lock Plates – Secure AV equipment inside Proximity In-Wall Storage Boxes with the PACL1 and PACL2 Lever Lock plate accessories. Our tool-less design allows installers to easily slide storage plates into place on multiple different levels to organize and layer components within the box. Compatible with Middle Atlantic Product’s Forward Cable Management Solutions, Proximity Lever Lock Plates are perfect for implementing AV equipment through large rollouts. 

Component Storage Panels

Chief Component Storage Panels facilitate clean integration of components and cables for AV installations. Designed for a wide variety of applications, Component Storage Panels can be easily installed on walls, behind displays, and under tables/desks to seamlessly conceal AV components. Our removable design provides integrators with the option to standardize offsite component integration and facilitate a fast onsite roll out.

On-Wall Component Storage Panels

CSPR – The CSPR provides over 160 square inches of secure attachment area for AV equipment independent of display mounts. CSPR Panels feature a removable design, providing integrators with the option to start and organize components offsite to ensure a fast roll out. 

CSSLP15X10 – The CSSLP15X10 seamlessly supports devices and components left, right or below displays - either on-wall or attached to Fusion® series mounts. The CSSLP15X10 storage panel is designed with a built-in and tool-free 15” x 10” (381 x 254 mm) Lever Lock™ plate to ensure easy access to AV components. The CSSLP15X10 is compatible with Middle Atlantic Products’ Forward Cable Management Solutions, allowing integrators to efficiently route cables and organize components. 

CSMP9X12 – The CSMP9X12 Storage Panel supports a wide range of components, discreetly mounted between any display or universal mount. Compatible with Middle Atlantic Forward Solutions, the CSM9X12 provides 9" x 12” (228 x 304 mm) of open real estate to install component configurations. 

Desk and Table Component Storage Panels

CSPH – Easily access components under desks and tables with the CSPH. Designed with the installer in-mind, the CSPH features hinges that pivot 90°, allowing for better access to components.  

CSPHK – When a CSPH is broken into thirds, the remaining storage panels can be installed using the CSPHK, providing extra storage and organization underneath desks and tables. 


Chief Spotlight: Proximity® In-Wall Boxes with Lever Lock

Chief has added new capabilities to our line of storage solutions. Working with Middle Atlantic to incorporate Lever Lock™ plates across a range of accessories, we are proud to introduce the new Proximity® storage solutions.

Proximity® PAC In-Wall Box Installation

Watch how the PAC525 and PAC526 In-Wall Storage Boxes simplify flat panel installation by providing an organized, recessed space for routing excess cables and attaching attaching surge protectors/power conditioners. 

Proximity® In-Wall Boxes: How to Remove Knockouts

Watch Chief Product Manager, Dorian Haro, demonstrate how to remove knockouts on the Proximity in-wall storage boxes for mounting of small AV devices behind displays.



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