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e-Book: Audio in Conference Rooms

A Primer on Audio for Conferencing Rooms

Ceiling microphone or table microphone…that is the question. This e-book provides the answers!

All things being equal in terms of the space, design requirements or installation considerations, the decision to choose a table mic or go instead with a ceiling mic tends to be based primarily on what features are needed by users.

With table mics, mute buttons and other audio controls located on the mics are features that are readily accessible to attendees sitting at the table. Ceiling mics, on the other hand, have remote control capabilities via a control panel. In many situations where the audio quality of table mics and ceiling mics are comparable, the deciding factor of selecting one over the other for small to midsize rooms may come down to convenience and control.

This e-book contains information on:

• Audio conferencing microphone basics

•  Selecting the right microphone

• Table vs. ceiling microphones

• Installation tips and best practices

• Purchasing considerations